Studio A
Amek Neve 9098i
56 Channels of Mic input

Studio A is Big Blue's mix room. It contains an Amek Neve 9098i, one of only 20 in the world which was commissioned by Rupert Neve at the opening of Big Blue in 1998, it is arguably the best console in the world.

* 56 Channels of Mic input.

* 122 total inputs at mix available on moving faders, in a touch sensitive fully automated system.

* Extended Audio Bandwidth - extended to 200khz (-3db), maintaining sense of transparency that is absent in band limited systems.

* 76 Mix Busses - 48 group busses, grouped for LCRS working, as well as LCRS main mix buss. 4 further stereo busses increase operation flexibility and extend multi-format working to a 5-way and 6-way surround mode. It also has 16 aux busses both mono and stereo, all fully balanced.

* Centrally–assigned master console modes.

* Full Recall of All Console Settings.

* Dynamic Automation System with Extensive On and Off line Functions.

* Pre-fader Dynamics with hardware controls.

* Powerful solo system which can be operated in a variety of modes to suit all applications.


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