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Big Blue MeenieBig Blue Meenie is one of the oldest, largest, and certainly the most prolific "Open for Hire" private production houses for rock music on the east coast.  

Originally built in 1981 as "Quantum Sound" and renovated several times over the last 25 years, it's currently an 6600 square foot, 2 floor facility which houses 4 control rooms, 2 live performance spaces, 4 iso rooms and 3 editing/support DAW suites. All of which are networked together in one seamless system of file management and manipulation.
BBM also features an extensive mic locker and an impressive array of the worlds finest outboard equipment, all encased in a series of rolling rack systems, available to any room's patch bay via a single multi-pin connector.

512 Paterson Plank Road has been host to an amazing array of artists spanning all genres of music. 24 Gold and 10 Platinum records have been mixed and or recorded here over that time.

Older rock acts such as Rage Against the Machine and INXS were mixed here by Andy Wallace in the Quantum era. Newer acts like Thursday and Taking Back Sunday were recorded and mixed here by Tim Gilles and Sal Villanueva since 1998, as well as hundreds of worthy, if somewhat lesser known records which we have had the privilege to be associated with.

Some of these include some cult classics and seminal underground smashes like S.O.D., The Toadies, Jeff Buckley and Sepultura. For the last decade, the BBM Production Staff of about a dozen engineers and producers have made literally hundreds of records front to back.

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