Sony A6000 Cameras

Buying expensive cameras doesn’t ensure good photography, knowing how to use and how to get the best out of the device you are holding. Sony A6000 camera offers a lot of features to its users, once the users have mastered how to use them, they can do wonders. Here are some tips and important features and their usage in A6000 camera.

For regular shooting, users should keep the camera in the default Pattern light-metering mode. The Exposure Compensation control and be very helpful and can be used by the users if their photos are coming out darker or too lighter. It can provide more freedom for alterations when users edit their photos; key is to switch the color space to AdobeRGB.

When light is not very heightening and is scarce, users should shoot video at 24 fps (instead of 60fps).Action Scene mode can be used with any external flash, to give a very good picture taken indoors.

Users can control the look more efficiently by swapping to Shutter Priority mode. For sights with slight or no movement, a shutter speed of 1/80 second (1/60 if you need more light) will freeze most motion. For a quick-moving subject, such as a person or animal running, aim for around 1/320 or faster.

Users can use the Aperture Priority mode to establish the appearance of a portrayal. If setting should or shouldn’t be in focused in any certain scene, use of aperture is very significant. If the aperture is small, surroundings can be blurred by they will be in shot, in a way giving amazing effect to the photo. If the user used or selected larger aperture, only person will be focused and there will be no surroundings.   

The distance of the user and the shot he/she is capturing is very important. Farther the distance and user can observe that depth-of-field is less pronounced. To overcome or compensate this, aperture setting of f/9 or lower can be enough to capture big scenes and landscapes that are far away from the user. If the user wants to get a shot of something in the focus as well as in some distance, aperture can be pushed as lower as the user chooses with getting enough light for the shot. The set lens goes high as to f/36. Greater depth of field is very important even in situations when the people you are shooting are on different distance with camera.

The flash is the most important part of photography as they create a more realistic effect. They are more useful in creating strong shadows in sunlight. The A6000 can’t capture the range of sunny to shady that user’s eyes can. Therefore, while taking a photo in sunlight, the face of the person being shot can seem perfectly good but after taking the shot, users can see shadow in the face.

These are some important guidelines and tips that can make photography fun for users. There is a lot of other perks of A6000.